Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010 & snacking idea

So far so....okay today? I had a SmartOnes egg white and cheese english muffin for breakfast (3 points), and for lunch I had 3 slices of a Totino's pepperoni pizza. A full serving is 4 slices worth 9 points!!, I had 3 so for that I am going to deduct a point (not sure if I can or not), and call it an afternoon with 8 points for that. I just finished off a small granny smith apple, so my total so far for the day is: 12 points. I brought a bag of food to work for dinner which will consist of: SmartOnes 3 cheese mac and cheese, a pork chop with BBQ rub (approx 3-4 oz.), a Weight Watchers key lime pie yogurt, and a small handful of green beans; I say small because I'm not a veggie lover/eater. Here's to hoping I'm not ready to eat the house when I get home!!

Snack: My local Kroger grocery store carries fruit leathers in the organic section. They come in a variety of flavors but ours only carry: grape, cherry and strawberry. Each fruit leather is work 1 point and they are very tasty!! If you are interested, click on the Kroger above to find your local store, or check out the Stretch Island Fruit Company site for more information!!

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