Sunday, June 20, 2010

A trick for "no guilt" pasta sauce

According to my WW guide, tomato sauce and paste are "0" points..."free" food. If you want your pasta, just make your own sauce! I can bet the point value of your home-made sauce will be LESS than what you'd get from a pre-made jar sauce. Plus, for an even healthier sauce, Hunt's offers "no salt added" tomato sauce, and used to offer the same in paste.

From here, you can add in your own spices for flavoring or you can opt for the already flavored Hunt's sauce instead of the no salt added. Your only points so far it looks like is in the pasta itself. If you want to add bread to dip in the sauce, you can always use regular sandwich bread, but remember to use whole wheat. So now you only have two sources of point value - pasta and bread! Add a small side salad or some vegetables and you've got yourself a pretty darn good meal!!

For more information on the above products, visit your local grocery store or visit these helpful websites at the links I've posted below!

Hunt's (for sauce and paste)
Buitoni (offers whole wheat 3 cheese tortellini)

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